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Account holders of General Capital Bank are able to deposit their funds through online payment systems.

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Account Transaction Services

You can easily perform simple bank transactions such as Deposit, Withdraw, Send and Receive.

Debit Card

General Capital Bank provides a debit card valid all around the world at any ATM supports visa/mastercard


We provide Chequebook to our customers to help them grow and compete.

Asset Certificate

These are the letters given to guarantee that the beneficiary shall fulfill his commitment to the addressee administration in accordance with the provisions of the contract and specifications and to replace the performance bond amount that must be deposited.

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit is a document issued by a bank or a financial institution ensuring the payment to the recipient regardless of the debtor’s financial circumstances.

Stand By Letter of Credit

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a type of letter of credit (LC) where the issuing bank commits to pay to the beneficiary if the applicant fails to make the payment.

We accept customers all around the world.

General Capital Bank is a secure and robust e-Banking system used all around the world.


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General Capital Bank Premium Cheque

A cheque is a bill of exchange giving order and authority to the bank to allow the bank customer to transfer a certain amount from the deposit account to someone else.

Online QR Code Verification

Cheque's can be verified online with QR code to avoid fraud.

Available For All citizenships

You do not need to be EU or US Citizen.

Accepted Worldwide

GCB Cheque's are valid all around the world.

Cheque Book

GCB Cheque Books are available as 25 pages

We donate %25 of our profit

Help Save Children of Africa

Global Capital Bank is working for African children. We donate %25 of our profit for the African Children Education and powerty. Despite progress, research from Save the Children’s 2020 Global Childhood Report shows that Sub-Sahara Africa is still home to the 10 worst countries for children, including Niger, Mali, South Sudan and Burkina Faso.

Dr. Christian Fischer
Limited partner, Bosch,
Stuttgart, Germany

After I used Global Capital Bank for the first time, I realized how simple and easy it is. Global Capital Bank saved me a lot of time, energy and fees I would have paid for other payment methods. I can now concentrate on my work rather than taking care of money matters.

Dave Stephenson
Chief Financial Officer, AirBNB,
Seattle, United States

Global Capital Bank global presence is enabling us to grow exponentially in a secure and compliant way

Zoë Harte
Chief People Officer,
Sydney, Australia

We spent a lot of time searching for premium payment solution, until we discovered Global Capital Bank. To be frank, Global Capital Bank played a vital role in the growth of our trading market. Since then, capital turnover has been ideal. Similarly, the challenge of exchange rate conversion is a piece of cake for Global Capital Bank, which has solved the issue perfectly. Now we can devote more time to product and market development.

Frequently asked questions

See below to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding:

Do I need to make any payments in order to open an account?

Yes, in order for you to open an account you need to pay 3.100 Euros.

May I send money from General Capital Bank to another bank?

Yes, you can transfer money from our bank to anywhere in the world.

How may I open an account ?

By clicking here You may open a free account at our bank.

Does General Capital Bank share my information with third parties?

No, your information is kept confidential entirely. Read the privacy policy for further information.

How can I send money into my account ?

In order for you to send money to your account, you can log in to our bank and pay using one of the payment methods. You can pay by credit card, debit card, money order, EFT and international money transfer, as well as with crypto money.

Do you provide Draft Check which is Bank Guaranteed ?

Yes, we issue draft checks. The transactions are carried out on Swift basis.

Do you provide a SBLC bank letter of guarantee ?

Yes, we issue SBLC bank letters of guarantee. SBLC transactions are executed based on Swift.

Do you provide services through your branches? ?

General Capital Bank Neo renders its banking service online. Thus, our customers experience the privilege of executing low-cost, low-cost, high-quality transactions.

Does your bank give checks ?

Yes, our bank allocates a 25-leaf check to the company of its clients or to them in person.

Is there a Risk Report inquiry service?

Yes, you can access the Risk Report by way of scanning the QR code printed on our Checks.

What should I do to get a Checkbook and how may I apply to this end ?

Buraya tıklayarak Filling the form and submitting it is sufficient for the preliminary application. Your checkbook request, which has been pre-applied, will be reviewed within 2 working days and you w

Is there an allocation fee for provision of the the Checkbook?

Yes, our bank charges an allocation fee relating to a Checkbook.

How much time does it take to deliver the Checkbook? ?

The checkbook, for which the relevant allocation fee is paid, will be delivered to your legal address by a special courier within 3 working days with proof of ownership.

Do you issue LC letter of credits?

Yes, our bank generates a swift-based LC effective globally relating to your import and export transactions.

In which countries do you have offices ?

We have offices in 30 countries in total, including Britain, Germany, Turkey, Dubai and Nigeria.

Do you have liasion offices in the countries where you operate ?

We also have liasions/representative in 30 countries in which we operate. Our representatives provide you with detailed information regarding the advantageous products our bank has. In order to make an appointment, please send an e-mail to the e-mail addr

Please contact us if you are not able to find your answer. We will be happy to answer it.

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